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October 22, 2005

Will work for glory

Bling / Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo rarely do I respond to taunts on other blogs - or even use the word 'blog', but Mr V is a unique guy :P

Does basing your music and image on ultra left-wing politics while selling your song about urban poverty to hock Honda Civics make you a player or a sell out? Mr V "loves" M.I.A.'s new gas-guzzling ads (with the profanity removed, of course). I don't care for the ads, still like her albums, agree that she should be able to do exactly as she likes with her creations; but think that an artist who evokes the memory of her Tamil Tiger dad to sell cars to yuppies and guppies who like her stuff solely because it has a good beat is an opportunist.

I used to shiver and fear a little for my life when she chanted "Just like PLO, I don't surrend-o"; now it sounds as harmless as a bowl of lo-fat strawberry jello and makes me chuckle. Next she'll be having lunch at the White House like another former favourite of mine.