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July 02, 2005

Raise Your Own Awareness

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCome to our little show of self-satisfied, aging, white, mega-millionaire, talentless popstars and feel good about yourself: you have done something significant for Africa. Raise your little white rubber wristband high into the sky with clenched fist at your free show (because you certainly wouldn't pay money to see these smug dinosaurs) while African musicians stand in the shadows (the photo is of Ethiopia's Gigi). Oh, the fantastic photo ops for all these magnanimous, benevolent, generous millionaires at Live 8 as they rant conveniently and hypocritically about the evils of capitalism. Look how we care about those poor, poor Africans.

If you truly want to make a difference, turn your TV off and check out these links: